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AltRider Rotor Guards for KTM Dirt Bikes

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When riding in rocky or rugged terrain, it’s possible to side swipe a rock with either your front or rear rotor as you maneuver around it. If that happens your rotor can become damaged or warped, impacting the reliability and ease of use of your brakes, possibly effecting your safety. A bent rotor will cause aggressive wear to your brakes. The AltRider Rotor Guards keep your rotors protected from unintentional hits; a new KTM rotor can cost over $120 to replace.

Keeping unsprung weight to a minimum on both the front and rear is critical for the suspension to react quickly to terrain. Our front rotor guard only adds 13 oz (0.36 kg), and the rear adds a minimal 6 oz (0.17 kg) in weight because it replaces the rear brake hanger for a well-integrated system for true structural support.  By removing any unnecessary material, we have one of the lightest guards on the market that minimizes surface area for mud to stick to. Not only are the AltRider KTM Rotor Guards lightweight, but they are engineered to optimize strength by fastening to the bike at the most secure points.

Front Rotor Guard 
The front fastens to the robust 22 mm axel, maximizing strength & stiffness. It replaces the left side spacer with a strong 8.5mm thick hub mount while maintaining the critical seal at the wheel bearing. The guard mounts to the hub with 2 M6 fasteners and uses 3 points of positive engagement. This creates maximum protection against lateral hits, and the support beams provide protection against direct hits. The guard covers the leading edge of the rotors, along the front and bottom, where your most likely to endure a hit. We avoided using the axel screw, as it’s a light duty aluminum fastener with fine threads, we also avoid the caliper bolt for mounting. They were never intended to have impact forces applied to them and wouldn’t be able to withstand a direct hit.  Additionally, we do not utilize the front axle clamp bolts as they cannot provide structural support.

The Rear Rotor Guard
The rear also attaches to the robust 20 mm or 25 mm axel and replaces the rear brake hanger with a custom, intelligently designed hanger to maximize strength, while keeping weight down. The AltRider design doesn’t use the OEM hanger as its simply not designed to take an impact.

  • Made from lightweight aluminum, the front only adds 13 oz (0.36 kg), and the rear adds 6 oz (0.17 kg) of weight
  • Optimized balance between weight and protection
  • Precision CNC machining to ensure an exact fit and tight integration with the OEM rear brake caliper

With the AltRider Rotor Guards installation is straight forward and servicing your brakes or forks is just as easy as it is without the guards on. 

Font Guard Fitment
22mm axle fits:
2015 Husqvarna 125-450 TC / FC
2016-Current Husqvarna 125-501 All models
2015 KTM 125-450 SX / SXF / XC / XCF
2016-2023 KTM 125-500 
2021-2023 Gas Gas All models

Rear Guard Fitment
20mm rear disc guard fits:
2003 KTM 250SX
2004-2012 KTM 125-530 ALL models
2013-2022 KTM XC-W / XCF-W / EXC / EXC-F
2014-2022 Husqvarna FE / TE 125-501
2014-2015 Husqvarna FC / TC 125-450
2017 TX125 
2021-2022 Gas Gas EC 250/300

25mm rear disc guard fits:
2013-2022 KTM SX / SXF / XC / XCF 125-450
2016-2022 Husqvarna FC / TC / FX / TX 250-450 
2021-Current Gas Gas MC 125/250 MC 250F, MC 350F, MC 450F EX 250/300, EX 250F, EX350F, EX450F


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AltRider Rotor Guards for KTM Dirt Bikes


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